Coinbits | Take decisions immediately, the information is power.

Coinbits it’s the first Multifunctional Analysis Platform able to combine the Blockchain Technology with diverse advanced analysis techniques, being able that way to minimize the risk on many cryptoactives thanks to our Advanced Software doted with a powerful algorithm.

Coinbits was designed by expert members in the thematic, in which there are great economist working elbow to elbow with developers beside a qualified team, so you can enjoy CoinBits Platform, so that from certain signals you can take the decision that you think is convenient at the suitable moment.

To all of this we’ll add the capacity to all users of CoinBits to export and import strategies that may well be created by them or another members of CoinBits, giving the possibility of having different points of view and then perform an action.

Tired of spending hours and hours checking graphics continually?

CoinBits will keep you alert of all the movements configured by you, by example, new news, rises or drops of some cryptocurrencies, rises or drops of offers and demand, Coins recently added to some Exchange, start of an ICO and end of it, among many other alerts that will simplify in radical way your job.

Manage and administrate your crypto actives will not be a problem anymore, since CoinBits will keep you informed of every move, so that way you can take advantage of the time and spend more time with your friend and familiars, as you will get notified from absolutely all moves that you have programed, well via SMS, email or desktop notifications which you’ll get advantage in front to the rest.

With your Octanox you can enjoy of CoinBits in this totality, buy advertisements on the platform, subscribers to receive reports sooner than others, and even get access to the privileged functions with which just those who are subscribed will count.

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