Lesfex | First exchange to play in short-term.

What are the Lesfex advantages?

Lesfex is a powerful Exchange firstly dedicated to users that play in short term with crypto-actives. That’s the way at the moment to contribute with Octanox’s Grown?

It is thanks to the Octanox’s demand to reduce the fees on the platform, creating this way an organic system unique in it’s kind, growing up the Octanox’s demand and benefiting the user in all the aspects.

Lesfex is the first exchange for investors thought by investors, in which thousands of people have been able to participate openly in the Octanox’s Community, if something characterizes this project is that the Team listen continuously to the users, innovating in many occasions and leaving behind the individualism by them (the Team).

We bring a high-quality exchange for all kind of users, from professional traders to people that want to start playing with crypto-actives, and all of this it’s possible thanks to the intuitive interface designed specially for all kind of users.

What benefit will it gave to users that have Octanox in their account (holders)? 

You can reduce at least a 40% of fees in any movement (buy or sell), keeping a determinate number of Octanox, it will give benefit to all, both bidder and asker of crypto-actives.

Best of all?

It counts with a lot of innovating tools with which the user can be familiarized obtaining profit from this.

Voting system.

The community will be responsibly of listing tokens through voting, but just will have this privilege those users that carry a certain amount of Octanox, giving way to big projects.

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