Otxpay | Increase, manage and administrate your sales.

Left the Auto-Buy system take care both the client than the payment management.

Take your strategy to the next level.

What OTXPay is?

Configure, administrate and manage the sales of your web with powerful statistics designed for increase the number of sold products, not all the consumers are the same in their tastes, preferences and buying habits; because of the different features you can distinguish some consumers from others, with OTXPay focus on the client is not a problem anymore.

How do we achieve this?

We achieve this thanks to the analysis of the adversary through SEO, we analyze all and each one of the points where your adversary has advantage, winning never was too easy.

An objective market is a specific group of people that you have decided to make them part of your customer base, each one of the purchases made will focus the market in one way or other.

Have the customer defined and identified is important to lead and increase the number of sales with a specific market.

You don’t have enough time to apply the analysis reflected in the panel?

Don’t worry about it, we count with agents that can help you with your advertising campaign, by accessing the subscription you will have access to hundreds of tools and services designed to position you at the top.

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