Surviz | A Zombie’s game based on Waves Blockchain.

Surviz is the first zombie’s videogame based on the Waves Blockchain, it has been developed with a principal objective that is give a new concept to the zombie’s games adding big rewards for playing it. As a part of the game benefits we can withdraw the won coins. However, you can also enjoy of in-game purchases like weapons, accessories, clothes and even new levels to give the game more excitement.

Each user will have the option to set up his character as you wish, and his performance in the game will increase with the skills that you choose between hundreds of options. The in-game purchases and objects will give you a great advantage in front of the enemy zombie’s.

The 50% of Octanox that are collected from in-game purchases, will be burnt reducing this way the Circulating Supply of Octanox.

To get detailed information about SurviZ, don’t lose time and read our Whitepaper.

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